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Helsinki Declaration 2.0


Helsinki Declaration 2.0 is the travel industry's commitment to sustainable travel. It is open to all travel industry professionals, from beginners to pioneers, interested in sustainable travel.

The declaration is not a list of admission requirements that need to be completely fulfilled upon signing. It is a company's commitment to continue developing the responsibility of their services. By signing the declaration, companies and organisations promise to commit to sustainable principles, to be concretely enacted as they see fit.

Committing to the declaration may be the first step on the road toward an official sustainable tourism program or a confirmation of an already well-established sustainability strategy.

Helsinki Declaration 2.0



The first version of the Helsinki Declaration was signed at the 2009 Matka Nordic Travel Fair. More than one hundred tourism industry professionals signed the declaration, including operators in domestic and international tourism, travel by land, water, and air, accommodation services, tour operators, travel agencies, and MICE sector. Other participants include tourism organisations, associations, education institutions, and travel media.

The first signing ceremony for the updated Helsinki Declaration 2.0 was held at the 2020 Matka Nordic Travel Fair in Helsinki and the following companies/organizatios have made the commitment.

Signatories of the Declaration 



The updated declaration will begin a monitoring process for acts of sustainable travel in the tourism industry. The goal is to keep the theme of sustainability public and to disseminate information.



The impacts of travel — good and bad — are extensive. Tourism negatively affects the environment and nature. It may also have unfavorable effects on local cultures and social structures. Travel, however, is the prerequisite of many professional industries and creates opportunities for cooperation and togetherness, for relaxation and new experiences. Tourism is a significant industry in many countries that spurs infrastructure development and improves people's wellbeing. Travelling also bridges gaps between peoples and nations, breeding tolerance and understanding.

The Helsinki Declaration encourages the tourism industry to set a shared direction for responsible activities, to reduce negative impacts of tourism, and to increase its positive effects.


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