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14.4.2021 9.00–17.00


Pstttt - We have something exciting we would like to share with you - There is an absolutely fantastic destination not too far away, a destination that is easy to get to and a destination
that has it all:

innovative architecture ranging from the modern, glittering skyscrapers, to old renovated storage rooms; an international arts and culture scene with acclaimed museums and galleries,
with everything from the old Masters to a hip fashion scene and from colorful street art to modern pinball games; If that's not enough for you, then you can also enjoy a multicultural bonanza of trendy restaurants and street food.

Although we are still limited in our travel activity, so we think that this city should be on your visit list when the world opens and we can travel again.

If you have not already guessed it, then the city we are talking about is Rotterdam - in the Netherlands. The city with Europe's largest port, and where more than 170 nationalities live and work together, the rest makes it a city that offers a new surprise around every street corner.


Mark your calendar for the 14th of April and participate in our on-line workshop with Rotterdam Partners




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